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Recuperación Ingles primer periodo


A.    Taller de refuerzo


ESTUDIANTE: ________________________________CURSO:__6______FECHA:____________

1.     Read the legend of Theseus and the Minotaur and number the paragraphs in the correct order.

2.     Read the legend again and mark the sentences T (true) or F (false).

a.     King Minos had a good relationship with Princess Ariadne. _____
b.    The King of Athens only had one child, Theseus. _____
c.     Theseus wanted to fight the Minotaur. _____
d.    Princess Ariadne always helped prisoners escape the Minotaur. ____
e.     She fell in love Theseus because he was handsome.  _____

3.     Complete the next part of the legend with the correct form of the verb in parentheses.

While Theasus was in the dungeon Ariadne 1) ___________ (run) down to the labyrinth. While the guards 2) ____________ (look) the other way, she hid a ball of thread and sword behind the door. Then she 3) _________ (return) to the palace. As she 4) _______________ (close) the door to her room she 5) ________________ (hear) the King 7) ____________ (wait) for Theseus to go to the  dungeon. 

4.     Read the sentences below and write adv (adverb); adj (adjective), n (noun), or v (verb) for the words in bold.

a.     Theseus carefully hid the note and locked for the thread and the sword. _____
b.    The beautiful princess waited anxiously in her room. ______
c.     The beast was a vicious killer but Teseus was not afraid ________
d.    He wandered through the cold, dark passages of the labyrinth. _____
e.     Suddenly, he heard the Minotaur roar. _______
f.     He turned and saw a young boy was running from the beast. _______

5.     Finish the story in five sentences using the words in parentheses.
a.     ____________________________________________________(brave)
b.    ________________________________________________(quickly)
c.     _________________________________________________(powerful)
d.    ____________________________________________________(slowly)
e.     ___________________________________________________(happily)

6.     Complete the leaflet with the correct word from the box

wants      don’t have      would like      should      hope      needs

Every child 1)_____________________ have the opportunity to go to school and get free healthcare. UNICEF desperately 2) _____________ to achieve that goal but 3) _____________ donations from you. They 4) ____________ to being working in the Amazon region later this year. Join them raising awareness and funds! You 5) _____________ to have a lot of free time but you do need to be energetic and positive! If you 6) __________ to help and have experience in this field why not contact us today?

7.     Match the sentence halves.

a.     You might prefer working with dogs…                                  ____ before you prepare food.
b.    You should always wash your hands…                                 ____ because it will make them sick
c.     You shouldn’t feed dogs chocolate…                                   ____ if you are allergic to cats.

8.     Write an advertisement for a volunteer job at a pet shelter.

B.    Durante la semana de recuperación, tal como aparece en el cronograma, se realizará  dentro del horario de clase las siguientes actividades:

a.     Justificación personal del taller entregado
b.    Retroalimentación y aclaración dudas.
c.     Evaluación.

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